Perhaps you’ve considered producing in China, but consider it too risky. For example, you might wonder whether your designs (IP) are safe and have concerns about communications and quality? However, you’d like to take advantage of the attractive conditions...

Quality and 100% protection

We offer custom manufacturing of high-quality aluminium, stainless steel and steel products that cost less but without the risks. Alumess produces on your behalf in China and Vietnam. Partnering with Alumess allows you to benefit from Western management and well-trained Asian employees. Your designs are 100% protected.

Success story

In 1955, Alumess started as a foundry annex metalworks factory in the town of Lichtenvoorde in the East of the Netherlands. In 2011, the third generation of the company, Berry Mols and his wife and 2 children, moved to Ningbo China to further expand the company. Since then, Alumess has grown from 3 to 85 employees in China. Since March 2018, Alumess is also represented in Vietnam. In addition, there are 5 employees in the Netherlands and we have an office in Germany. The Benelux and German markets are served from Europe, other areas are served from the Chinese headquarters.

60 years of craftsmanship

For more than 60 years, Alumess has been dedicated to one mission: producing high-quality products while entering into long-term partnerships. In other words, we see our partnership with you as an investment! Other advantages? With Alumess, your ideas and designs (IP data) are protected and you can communicate in English, German, Dutch or French. In other words, producing in China or Vietnam doesn’t have to mean embarking on a risky venture.

Veilig en efficient produceren in azië

We apply these technologies

Alumess brings many casting and metalworking technologies under one roof. But that’s not all we do. We also take care of your manufacturing design, prototyping, perfect finishing and assembly. We combine our own production with smart procurement, allowing us to take a lot of work off your hands. The staff of our procurement department (Dutch, German, Chinese and Vietnamese) are all very well-versed in the Chinese and Vietnamese markets. By controlling the entire supply chain from raw materials, design, production and assembly to shipping, we’re able to offer products at lower prices.

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We work for these industries

Would you like our production engineers to brainstorm intensively with you in developing semi-finished and finished products? Because that’s what we love to do. With our many years of in-depth collaboration with companies in mechanical engineering and equipment construction, the consumer market and automotive sector, we’re already very familiar with these industries and their specific needs.

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