A journey through time:

1955 – 2011

During this period, the aluminium and brass foundry was located in Lichtenvoorde, the Netherlands.



Start of first procurement activities in Eastern Europe by Berry Mols



First China procurement activities by Berry Mols



Establishment of Ningbo branch office in China



Creation of Ningbo Alumess LTD sourcing & engineering and relocation of director Berry Mols to Ningbo in China with his wife and 2 children.




Expansion of production and sourcing activities by entering into new partnerships.



Launch of own production facility including high-pressure casting, CNC machining, laser welding, laser engraving, bending, punching, polishing, assembly, packaging according to customer instructions and technical inspection of products.



Launch of the foundry, which is fully automated with robots.



Start of profiling operations; welding, bending and punching.



Opening of branch office in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Quality and 100% protection

We offer custom manufacturing of high-quality aluminium, stainless steel and steel products that cost less but without the risks. Alumess produces on your behalf in China and Vietnam. Partnering with Alumess allows you to benefit from Western management and well-trained Asian employees. Your designs are 100% protected.

Success story

In 1955, Alumess started as a foundry annex metalworks factory in the town of Lichtenvoorde in the East of the Netherlands. In 2011, the third generation of the company, Berry Mols and his wife and 2 children, moved to Ningbo China to further expand the company. Since then, Alumess has grown from 3 to 85 employees in China. Since March 2018, Alumess is also represented in Vietnam. In addition, there are 5 employees in the Netherlands and we have an office in Germany. The Benelux and German markets are served from Europe, other areas are served from the Chinese headquarters.

60 years of craftsmanship

For more than 60 years, Alumess has been dedicated to one mission: producing high-quality products while entering into long-term partnerships. In other words, we see our partnership with you as an investment! Other advantages? With Alumess, your ideas and designs (IP data) are protected and you can communicate in English, German, Dutch or French. In other words, producing in China or Vietnam doesn’t have to mean embarking on a risky venture.

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The rich history of Alumess dates back to the last century. In 1955, Louis Mols founded the company Metaalwarenindustrie Lichtenvoorde B.V. It specialised in sand casting and diecasting, aluminium processing and brass casting. From 1955 to 1975, the company was mainly active in brass and grew into one of the largest suppliers to the antique clock industry worldwide by supplying castings to market leaders worldwide.

Between 1970 and 1980, own brands of aluminium roof antennae were mainly produced.

In addition, from 1975 onwards, the company supplied the mechanical engineering and lighting industry with industrial castings and Philips Lighting became one of its customers.

The brand name Alumess was introduced in 1985. With Alumess, Louis Mols Jr. focused primarily on gravity die casting of aluminium and brass.



In 2003, his son Berry Mols joined the company. At his initiative, we worked together with Romanian companies for the first time, followed by partnerships with other companies in Hungary and Turkey. As a born entrepreneur, in 2007 Berry was not afraid to embark on his Chinese activities. It was a bold leap into the unknown that worked out very well, because later that year the first site in Ningbo became a reality.

Ningbo Alumess Import Export Company Ltd was founded in 2011 and, in the same year, Berry moved to Ningbo with his wife and 2 children to lead and co-ordinate Alumess in China according to Western standards.

From 2012 to date, the production and sourcing activities of Alumess in China have been gaining momentum. This led to the launch in 2014 of its own foundry in Ningbo, China. This production facility covers 4000 m2 and includes, among other things, offices, the CNC-machine park and the foundry.

  • The Netherlands
  • Alumess Metaalwarenindustrie Lichtenvoorde B.V.
  • Galileïstraat 10
  • NL-7131 PE
  • Lichtenvoorde
  • T +31(0) 544 371614
  • China
  • Ningbo Orange Import & Export Ltd.
  • Hillside of Xinmin Village, No. 100 the Southern
  • Section of Weilun Road, Beilun Xiaogang District
  • 315800, Ningbo
  • T +86 574 88129512
  • Hong Kong
  • Alumess Holdings Ltd.
  • 17/F. Hing Yip Commercial Centre
  • 272284 Des Voeux Road
  • Hong Kong
  • T +86 574 88129512

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